Our Practice

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractors know that spinal health goes hand in hand with your body's overall physical well being. As an alternative remedy to surgery, or addictive drugs, chiropractic adjustment can be instrumental to rehabilitation from a pre-existing disability. 

   Maintaining a healthy spine is the sensible choice for disease prevention. With convenient in-office adjustments, a few easy-to-follow home exercises, plus affordable cost, you have every reason to make chiropractic care an essential part of your health maintenance plan!

Our services include:

  •  Diversified Spinal Manipulations Techniques
  • Chiropractic Biophysics Technique
  •  Physical Modalities such as;
  •          -Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  •          - Intersegmental Spinal Traction
  •          - Diathermy
  •          -Thermal and Cryotherapy
  •  On-site X-ray services
  •  Custom Orthotics

Chiropractic Helps

Chiropractic intervention is proven effective in treatment of many physical ailments while helping to correct a variety of other disorders and common health issues.

  •  Neck Pain
  •  Joint Stiffness
  •  Low Back Pain 
  • Mid and Upper Back Pain
  •  Headaches
  •  Muscle Spasms
  •  Stress
  •  Numbness and Tingling
  •  Leg Pain (Sciatica)
  •  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
  •  Dizziness
  •  Shoulder & Arm Pain
  •  Low Energy
  •  Scoliosis 

Chiropractic Products

We offer several products to help our  patients during recovery.

  • Cervical Pillows
  • Cervical Traction Units
  • Thera - Cisers
  • Ice and Heat Gel Packs


Sperry Chiropractic Clinic is currently In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna.

  Please call our office with any questions regarding the services your health insurance covers. 

We offer affordable Chiropractic services to our patients. Please call us to inquire if you do not have health insurance, or if you are not In-Network with the providers listed above.