Advantages of chiropractic care

Dr. K. H. Sperry

Chiropractic treatment is one of the safest and most effective forms of treatment for all types of ailments, boasting of an approximate 80 percent success rate for the patients we accept. We have been very successful in treating everything from neck and back disorders such as sprains and strains, auto accident injuries, work related injuries, headaches, sciatica, bulging disc problems, and sports injuries, just to name a few.

Chiropractic is the third largest health-care system in the world.  It is the art of healing which unleashes the innate ability of the body to heal itself by realigning the spine.  This opens the nerve channels and allows the healing power of your body to be turned on.  The nervous system is the "Master Controller" of your body.  Through a nervous system free of interference the brain sends and receives all the vital correct messages your body needs to function with.  Chiropractic may help save the spine from degenerative disc disease which could then affect potential organ and muscle complications by way of the nerves involved.

  The removal of nerve interference by chiropractic adjustments helps in the restoration of more normal spinal posture.  Dysfunctions in your spinal vertebrae are commonly called subluxations.  Subluxations are the silent destroyers of your health.  How you feel is a poor judge of your health.  By the time the symptom appears, many spinal problems are advanced.  Chiropractic focuses on the damaging importance of subluxations - a loss of normal spinal and nervous system function - essential to all body systems such as the immune system.

Babies, adults, elderly, and all may experience complete life enhancements through chiropractic. Chiropractic treatment is a very safe alternative without the use of drugs or surgery.  In fact, our goal is to try and keep patients off as many drugs as possible and prevent them from any surgical procedure.  Drugs often mask and “cover up” the problem which postpones treatment.  This may cause the condition to become worse with time and drug side effects are never healthy for the body.  Statistically, surgery does not have the best record.  Many patients that undergo surgery will proceed in having two or three following surgeries; this often results in a condition getting worse due to the surgical procedure.

The advantage of chiropractic care opposed to surgery is if it doesn’t help you, it usually doesn’t harm anything. This is because chiropractors do not add or take anything away from the body. The only way that you can find out if chiropractic will help your condition is to get a thorough examination and x - rays, if needed.

"To see is to know, not to see is to guess, and our policy is to be as thorough with each and every patient as is necessary."     

 Dr. K. H. Sperry